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A display of the sculpting & bronze by Joe Finfrock.  His bronze works include Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, Father Forgive Them & more

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My Story

Before I Started

Where does the irresistible love affair with art come from?

When does the overwhelming desire to create begin?

I have always liked to make things. As a youngster, it was tree houses, dugout forts, and later on, dams across small streams. The duties of adulthood curtailed these activities, but my mother introduced me to watercolors.  So for 20 years I dabbled in painting--in watercolor and oils--doing mostly landscapes, animals,  and portraits.  

My wife, Jeanne and I, traveled often from Albuquerque, where we live, to Santa Fe to enjoy the galleries there.  I always found myself drawn to the bronze sculptures, and had an intense desire to do sculpting myself.

After visiting many wonderful galleries I noticed that a large number of the pieces on display focused on posture or pose rather than facial details.  I was more interested in facial expressions and took the plunge into sculpting with that emphasis in mind--especially as these expressions were influenced by the eyes and mouth.

The choice of my first subject was based on several considerations.  I wanted a character that was well known, and with outstanding and recognizable features.  I chose Ronald Regan.  

When I started the Reagan sculpture I had a firm image in my mind of what I wanted the finished sculpture to be.  I took much time locating as many pictures of him as possible, ranging from when he was in high school through the time after he was president.  In this way I hoped to capture his important facial characteristics.  This was no small challenge because the photographs covered such a great span of age, expressions, lighting, and so on.  The process of creating this work took about six months, starting with a raw clump of clay, then molding, forming, adding, taking away--totally refining it.

After two very serious pieces--R. Reagan and A. Lincoln, and then several lighter pieces, I did a sculpture that came from my heart--my very soul. I called it "Father Forgive Them."  It was my best piece so far.  I am presently working on a new one that I am calling "Mother of God?"  It is very special to me also.  

I have come to love sculpting.  And where did this love come from?  Is it a random spark from the hand of the Great Creator?  Perhaps.

But I do love sculpting.

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