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I have had the privilege of knowing and calling David Black a true friend for over 40 years.

David was a great student in school, a super athlete and team mate on the field. After school he spent a great deal of time as a coach and volunteer in youth sports. 

David is a man of character and integrity who takes all of his responsibility very serious. His achievements on the job speak for themselves. David is a great role model and a dedicated family man, with a deep desire to serve God and others. 

 David would make an excellent Sheriff for Otero County. And Otero county would benefit greatly from his service. 

I am proud and excited to give my full hearted endorsement to our next Otero County Sheriff, MR. DAVID BLACK

David Caraway, Owner General Hydronics LLC

David Black for Otero County Sheriff-What a great idea. David is a level-headed hometown boy who knows the citizens, area and issues of the Entire county. He has the unique ability to communicate well with the youth and find common sense solutions. He has the maturity and grace to handle this crazy world.

Susan Rogers, High Rolls

I believe that David Black is the best candidate for Sheriff. Mr. Black is a very supportive husband, father, grandfather and community member. He is a very hard worker; he stays with a task until the job is complete. He thinks of the well being of other’s before he thinks about himself, always making sure that everyone and all surroundings are safe. He has provided, along with his wife, a safe place for children in the Alamogordo community for 20+ years. Therefore I believe that the best candidate for the position of sheriff is Mr. David Black. 

Shanna Bickham-Starling, Alamogordo

David Black gets our vote for Sheriff of Otero County.  He is a Family and God fearing man who will put the safety and protection of the citizens of Otero County, first!!

David Crispin, Executive Pastor, The Worship Center

We have known David & Lorrie Black for fifteen years.  They have been a core family here at our church.  When we were helping a family in crisis, they would partner with us.  It has always been evident of the integrity of this family.  We are proud to stand in support of David Black for Sheriff of Otero County!

Kathy Crispin, Outreach Director, The Worship Center

It is my pleasure to highly endorse David Black for the position of Otero County Sheriff

His experience and knowledge of law enforcement are clearly superior and combined with his reliability make David Black the perfect candidaate for Otero County Sheriff.

I have known David for over 10 years as a friend and someone who has dedicated his life to help others and place the health, safety and well being of others above all else. David loves and cherishes his family and it shows in the smiles of his grandchildren and adoration of his wife.

He is an important part of the community and has volunteered countless hours for the betterment of others.  David has lived here his entire life and understands deeply our culture, our values and our way of life.

It is your honor to endorse David Black as candidate for Otero County Sheriff.

Sylvia Humphries, Realtor, Future Real Estate

I served as a law enforcement officer for Alamogordo and Otero County for 27 years.  I served many of those years right along side of David Black.  David is a great law enforcement officer, great friend and awesome family man.  While we served together, there was never a time that I questioned his loyalty, his integrity or his abilities.  I knew that when we worked together he would always have my "6".  I fully endorse David as my candidate for Otero County Sheriff.  David is an awesome candidate for this position.  He will make sure that things get done right, rules and policies will be followed and the Sheriff's Department will become what other departments strive to be.

Rick Cooper, Retired Law Enforcement Officer, Alamogordo Department of Public Safety

David Black for Sheriff of Otero County! What a positive prospect! It is an honor and privilege that we extend our support and endorsement.  As a native of Otero county and lifelong officer of law enforcement he has the qualities and personal characteristics necessary for the leadership position.  His honesty, integrity, caring, knowledge and concerns for the safety and protection of the citizens of Otero County are exemplary.  David’s work ethics and dedication to his career are commendable.  His prior law enforcement experiences and endeavors as sheriff would truly be an asset to our local neighborhoods, towns and communities, the county, and the state. 

Jay and Lenette Dark, Retired School Teachers, High Rolls

I have had the honor of knowing David Black for 34 years and the words that come to mind when I think of David is Honest, Ethical, and Genuine. He is truly devoted and works hard to protect his family, friends, and his community. I have always admired David for his sincere respect to his principles of righteousness.  He strongly believes in doing what is truly right and fair for all concerned. I can't think of a better candidate for Sheriff than David Black.

Robin French, French Brothers Homes, Alamogordo

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