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AARDVARK Water Removal

Local Flooding

Flash floods from flash floods, NM arroyo overflows can bring sever water damage to any home,  so water damage restoration should be conducted right away.

Plumbing Failures

Plumbing failures can quickly release hundreds of gallons of water, and can be caused by frozen or broken pipes, loose washing machine hoses, leaking water heaters, overflowing bathtubs, and many other sources. 

Hidden Humidity and Moisture

Small water intrusions or minor plumbing leaks can be easy to overlook, yet over time, they can lead to major problems. Wall cavities, cupboards, closets and attics are especially susceptible to damage from mold, rot, and water intrusion. Additionally, unprotected crawlspaces and basements can allow humidity in, leading to similar problems.

  • Professional & thorough assessment

  • Knowledgeable & properly equipped technicians

  • Fully-detailed estimates

  • Complete coordination with your insurance company

  • Personal contact to keep you informed on the status of your project

AARDVARK Water Removal

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