Showtime Allstars

How did Showtime Allstars begin...

Basically, it’s the American dream.  I lived in Alamogordo, nm, and began baton twirling lessons in el paso, texas when I was three.  Every Saturday when we would take the hour and half drive to my studio, I would tell my mom “when I grow up i'm going to have a studio in Alamogordo so little girls don’t have to make this drive”.  I began teaching when I was thirteen.  I would teach on tennis courts, parking lots, anywhere!  When I “grew up” I became a stock broker/investment consultant and in 1996 rented a small space and taught lessons after work.  On 9/11, I was sitting in my investment office and watched as the towers fell and realized life is too short.  So I went home that day and told my husband, david, that I was going to start teaching full time and had faith in god that he would bless us with enough students to support our family.  And as always, god has blessed us!  Our studio began as a noncompetitive dance team with baton twirling, jazz, and cheerleading.  We would travel with a team of 100 strong and perform at half time shows. Then one day, my competitive nature kicked in and I decided to compete at all-star cheer competitions.  Then, my daughter, Chelsie, took an interest in hip hop.  So I thought “why not?” we hand selected a group of girls and found one amazing guy, Marco cardiel, and showtime storm began.  Chelsie and marco are pictured on this page. Chelsie now coaches and has won several  national championships and marco is now working with fighting gravity winners of America’s got talent.  We have won numerous national championships and a world championship but more importantly we have helped raise a lot of awesome kids! Because of our success in hip hop, We only focus on competitive hip hop now..but who knows what may happen in the future.


 It’s been an amazing ride……can’t wait to see what surprises this little studio has to come……

All-Star Dance Industries Mentorship 

Committee Member--Lorrie Black


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Showtime Allstars Staff

Bottom row: Casey Snyder, Yvette Edgar, Jaysie Abalos, Lorrie Black, Chelsie Black

Top row: Samantha Burch, Shanna Bickham, Corey Shumard, Jesica Sanford, Tawnya Weber

Not pictured:  Kayleigh Malone