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I met Drs. Kathy and Randy after breaking my back, (the sacrum into five pieces) pelvis, right hip, and left tibia. Also, I had ripped all of the anterior ligaments in my left knee and had extensive S – 1 nerve damage. Basically, I was a mess. Initially, I was told by my orthopedic surgeon and my neurologist that I would not walk normally ever again, if at all. With the Ramsey's care, I was able to work through my recovery. Randy especially helped my recovery, not only with adjustments, but massage and acupuncture. I wouldn't have the mobility I have now if it wasn't for these two caring individuals, who went above and beyond in my treatment.  I would recommend them to anyone.

Heather P.

My daughter was having a lot of problems with her stomach. When she moved, her stomach sounded like someone was taking a half jug of liquid and shaking it up and down – it sloshed so bad. Her family doctor said he had never seen or heard anything like it. We even talked to mayo clinic – they put her on a low dose of antidepressants that made her have terrible dreams. My cousin told us that we should take her to see his chiropractor. He said he had acid reflux and after going to Randy, he was able to stop taking medicine for it. So we took our daughter to Randy and he said no problem. He explained what was going on with her stomach and by the time we left his office, her stomach no longer made the noise. Needless to say, my whole family started going to him.  I had headaches so bad they would make me lose my vision. He also took care of that issue. I could go on and on. You will never find two more dedicated people than Kathy and Randy to help you with your medical issues, between his "magic hands" and her" herbal knowledge."  I feel very blessed to have them in our lives. Just sad they are no longer here. Our loss and New Mexico's gain. We love and miss you both.

Paula L.

Only chiropractor, Randy Ramsey, has been able to release my mid-back in only two I could again stand up tall and free of pain tension. He's awesome with his adjustments, therapeutic massages, and acupuncture treatments. Chiropractor and nutritional/wellness enthusiast, Kathy Ramsey, has set me on a much more nutrition-based/wellness-based lifetime practice . The whole Mind, Body, and Spirit can heal itself through True Health based care.

Terri J.

Randy Ramsey was a lifesaver for me after I was injured. He brought me through with gentle care and he kept me going with all the talents he possesses through acupuncture, manipulation, and massage. Not only did he heal my body, but the joy of getting to know Randy and Kathy (and becoming dear friends) was truly an uplifting experience. They are such good, compassionate and loving people and my whole family adores them and misses them dearly! Randy treated my hubby and both of my children, and then my daughter's babies when they were born. He has "gifted hands!"

Kandy B.

I've known the Ramsey's for many years and I have gone to them for back and neck pain due to degenerative arthritis in my back, and I have had one back surgery. I have recommended friends to go after car accidents or for anyone who just needs help in general. They are awesome people and will do anything in their power to make things better for people that need chiropractic help or just wellness in general.

Tonya T.

I went to Dr. Ramsey for a long time. I have cerebral palsy and that always help me with my pain, especially in my back. I always felt great after I left!! His massages always help me with pain, too. He was really good at getting me relaxed. He was the best! I do miss them a lot, especially his adjustments and massages. His acupuncture helped my headaches, too.

Morgan L.

My dad used to take me to see Randy Ramsey back when I was a teenager. I sure didn't know at the time, all the added benefits of growing older while utilizing a chiropractor. But at 35, I can still touch my toes! I continued seeing Randy and Kathy throughout the years for regular maintenance and due to accidents, which require special care. One thing I completely appreciate, besides still being able to touch my toes, is their holistic approach to health. The older I get the more appreciative I am of natural healing, and both Randy and Kathy helped me discover alternatives to RX drugs. And, as antsy as I was about acupuncture, I found great relief when I had pains! I will miss them both like crazy! 

Michelle R.

I was a patient for years. I wish them all the luck, but I'm being selfish and want them back here. They treat you more like friends, then Dr. and patient. Dr. Randy gives the best massages. I have fibromyalgia, and I get a lot of relief from them. They go out of the way to help you. I only hope they come back for a visit. They are truly missed here.

Tammy Z.

I walked into Randy's office 25+ years ago here in Illinois.  He helped my headache instantly that day & made me a believer!  As a result my body thanks me for not popping pills.  He & Kathy have treated me over the years with various techniques & helped me stay healthy.  I have never been to anyone else.  I completely put my trust in them for my well-being!!!  I have a very physical job and they have kept me on track to living a long healthy life.  They are true, genuine healers.  The people in New Mexico are lucky to have them, because they as people and their skills are greatly missed here!

Marlene S

We had been going to Randy & Kathy for many years.  Our son has always had a messed up neck along with other health issues.  I struggle with fibromyalgia and my husband's job is super physical.  We would go in one or twice a month.  Randy & Kathy have helped us through some tough times where we couldn't find relief through other Doctors.  Thanks for all that you guys have done for us!

Ruthann H

I was petrified to go to a chiropractor and my wife talked me into going to see Randy & Kathy.  So I made my first appointment and I was very sick to my stomach, not knowing what to expect.  Needless to say, I was very impressed & I even took my 2-year old toddler and my foster baby to see them!

Jolene R

Dr. Randy & Kathy Ramsey are great folks and great chiropractors.  My husband & I went to Randy for 12 years.  He did us wonders with our adjustments.  They always arranged their schedule to fit me in without an appointment.  They are very awesome people. They are very much missed here in the Quad Cities.

Dana M

Before Dr. Ramsey moved to New Mexico, he was my chiropractor for over 20 years.  I've always worked in warehouses, which can be very hard on your body.  He always took care of me and kept me working without pain.  We really miss having him here in Illinois. You're gaining a great team there, so check them out.  You won't be sorry!

Janey H

I was one of Dr. Ramsey's first patients.  Wow!  25 years went too fast...  I have had many hard jobs in my life and they were taking a toll on me, but I know one person that would always keep me lined up...  Dr. Ramsey.  If it wasn't for him, "I'd be laid out!"  I told Dr. Ramsey that numerous times.  Thank you, again.

Angelina S

I met Dr. Ramsey & Kathy about 10 years ago.  My whole family has gone to him to be adjusted.  I have chronic back pain & neck pain. Dr. Ramsey always had to talk to me, to get my mind off him adjusting me, because I could never relax.  I'm really going to miss them, but so happy they get to live their dream.  I can't wait to see them when they come home.

Tracey R

OMG!  I wish you were still here.  I don't even know where to go for a chiro and I need one ASAP.  Gerrrr...

Amber K

I have been lucky to have Dr. Randy Ramsey teach our family the benefits of using chiropractic care and acupuncture care since I was a little girl.  Kathy Ramsey and Randy both are as good natured and easy going, as they are serious about their life and teachings in helping others.  They have helped my daughters from birth and up!  They have helped answer questions and concerns without judgement!

Jen S

When I think back, I need to use the word Passion.  I met Randy in 1976, when his family moved to Davenport, Iowa (the home of Palmer College of Chiropractic).  Randy had his own personal experience in seeing the healing power of chiropractic.  This was when the seed was planted and he first mentioned his desire & dream to go to this college and enter the field of chiropractic.  Hats off to one of my best.

Larry K

Years ago my medical doctor called me at home to ask how I was doing.  I told him what Dr. Ramsey had done for me and with Dr. Ramsey's help, I was able to stop all medications.  Thank you for all the help throughout the many years of service of making people well again.

Dave D

I have been treated by Dr. Ramsey for as long as I can remember.  He is a great chiropractor and Kathy Ramsey is just as great.

Amber R

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